The Brown Bag Letters …coming soon!

The Brown Bag Letters is an inspiring story of unconditional love, currently being written by Lisa Gravely.

The Story Behind the Story

Though the genre is fiction, there is a true story behind and interwoven within the pages of The Brown Bag Letters. The idea was born from real letters, written on brown paper bags, from a widower pursuing a woman almost 20 years his younger. This inspiring story reveals the far- reaching effects his love has on the woman’s life, and the surprising effects the woman has on his. Those I’ve shared the real-life inspiration for the story have shown visible emotion in their expressed response,

 “The story must be written… You have to write it!”  

The quandary comes in weaving real life with fiction. It has been a slow, bittersweet journey. True life details make it difficult at times to write this story. But part of the delight and intrigue of the journey is seeing where the story takes me. Knowing the realities of the characters and scenes brings out emotions that make it painfully complex at times to write. Then there are those moments when the story takes on a life of its own and leads me down roads that reveal complete surprises to me. Oh the joy of writing!

Whether there will be one book or the original intent of a series, is still to be determined as the writing goes on. I am currently planning to self-publish, but am also open to hearing from literary agents and publishers who may be interested.

Special Requests

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Brown Bag Letters